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K – 12

Wheeler County K-12 School

Cook County Schools – Athletic Facility and Board of Education Office

Lowndes High School

Bleckley County Primary School

Pelham Elementary School

Brooks County High School Auditorium & Athletic Facility

Calhoun County K-12 School

Crisp County Middle School

Cook High School, Phase I Athletic Additions

Monroe Comprehensive High School

Lee County High School Renovations & Modifications

Colquitt County High School, Phase II – Athletic Additions

Valdosta High School

Hines-Watt Hall, Brookwood School

Lee County High School, Multi-Purpose Facility

Colquitt County High School

Beverly Athletic Center, Brookwood School

Bainbridge High School

Cook High School

Doerun Elementary School

Crisp County Primary School

Odom Elementary School

Lowndes High School Gymnasium

Brooks County High School